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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 8, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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thanks for being on tonight's show. bill, you suck. dana, always a dlie. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time. >> bret: spending proposals on the way. church in florida plans to go ahead with burn a quran day. despite criticism from top general. are all combat troops out of iraq? live from the studio in washington. this is "special report." good evening. i'm bret baier. the obama administration is about to unveil a series of proposal proposals including tax break and infrastructure spending. republicans might embrace the new pitch if it was not an election year. critics say the proposals are being pushed this late because it's an election year. overall, they insist the package misses the mark.
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white house correspondent wendell goler takes a fair and balanced look. >> reporter: with the fall election approaching, president obama is using campaign style event to offer economic compromise his aides doubt republicans will accept. >> we understand what season we have entered in washington. we know congress won't be here for a lot of time. >> what he began monday in milwaukee will continue in cleveland. he laid out billions of dollars in tax break and infrastructure spending that he predicts the republicans may oppose to score political points. if the proposals fail, he says, the winners would be the special interest he's opposed. >> they talk about me like a dog. [ applause ] that is not in my prepared remarks. >> the proposal include permanent extension of the research and development tax credit and year of tax free capital investment to encourage new business construction and equipment purchases and provide jobs for hard-hit manufacturering
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and construction workers. house minority leader john boehner say they're not bad proposals but they miss the big picture. excessive spending and uncertainty that the policy, including the massive tax hike they have planned for january 1 is creating for small businesses. we want to phase out the tax cut for the wealthy. but the former budget director said even the tax cut for the middle class are not affordable for more than a couple of years. >> the president disagrees with that. republicans see the business tax proposal as an attempt to help democrats in november to avoid what one called autumn of discontent, after what the white house billed as summer of recovery failed to produce as many jobs as officials wanted. even if congress goes along, economist peter morisi says proposal won't create the jobs the president wants. businesses are putting off big ticket purchases because they don't have customers. they can't justify the new investment. they are not going to add
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substantial capacity because the president gives them a few dollars off on the their taxes. >> reporter: the president aides said the proposal is for long-term growth not short-term political game. gibbs say it doesn't amount to stimulus package. the firm "stimulus" lost its appeal with disappointment after the first plan. >> bret: big news from chicago today, has many wondering about the future of the president's chief of staff rahm emanuel. what can you tell us about that? >> chicago mayor richard daley announced he will not seek re-election next year and cited personal reasons. his wife battled cancer for a number of years and white house chief of staff rahm emanuel's phone immediately lit up. emanuel said last april being chicago's mayor has always been an aspiration of mine even in the house of representatives. today, emanuel praised daley but said nothing about running but some of the associates say everyone was caught by surprise by the announcement. chief of staff generally
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serve two or three years before burning out. it's a tremendously demanding position. emanuel would be a strong candidate. he was elected for congressional district four times. the filing deadline is three weeks after an election that may change the balance of power in washington. no one will be surprised if emanuel tosses his hat in the race. >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. obama administration today launched a program designed to assist homeowners who owe more on their property than their homes are worth. the mortgages are as they say under water. the plan allows lenders to give borrowers refinanced loans if the lender agrees to forgive 10% of the original mortgage amount. stocks were down today. dow dropped 107-1/4 points. the s&p 500 was down 12-2/3. nasdaq gave back a little less than 25. with analysis on the economy and the political implications of it this year?
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we welcome back senior political analyst brit hume. good evening. >> good evening. just when it seems things could not get worse for congressional democrats, things have. a new set of polls out this morning says a party in deepening trouble especially with those most likely to vote in the "washington post" found such voters favor republicans by 53-40%. the "wall street journal" poll found the same number 53% favoring a republican congress to only 35% favoring a democratic one. these are some of the worst numbers in the incumbent party has ever faced this close to a mid-term election. but they pose a dilemma for republicans as well. the standard advice for political consultants will be this to republicans. look, the democrats are the issue. keep it that way. don't do or say or support anything that could make you or your party the issue. don't come out for a specific plan for spending. republicans should keep in mind the same poll that shows
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disinfection of the democrats show them in bad way as well. "wall street journal" finds 30% approval for republicans and finds huge majorities want candidates prepared to cut spending. can republicans really win back the public favor by saying they are for cutting spending without saying how they will do it? this may be the year when it at last the public is ready for the strong medicine that everyone knows is required. bret? >> bret: politics is often predictable, brit. do you think republicans will have the stomach to do that, to stand up this year? >> well, we'll soon find out. they will come out with whatever this plan is? it will either be laden with specifics, kind of specifics to allow them to medicare and social security recipients, or they'll come out with something bland. my guess is that the public may not go for bland this year. the atmosphere may have finally changed.
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if that is the case, republicans will be bland at their peril. >> bret: a small church making headlines due to inflammatory display it has planned but it could also have national security implications. >> revealing that islam is much more dangerous and more violent than people would like to believe. >> for terry jones, smalltime pastor in gainesville, florida, message that islam is of the devil, 15 minutes of fame flowing from the burning of the quran on the september 11 anniversary stands to do longer damage. david petraeus the top u.s. commander in afghanistan said jones action could endanger u.s. forces and cause "significant problems everywhere in the world" because the taliban will gleefully disseminate images of americans distorting the holy book. >> it puts americans in harm's way and any active
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they that puts the troops in harm's way is a concern to the administration. >> states department spokesman called the planned action un-american. >> we have already seen, you know, small-scale demonstrations and various councilmembers overas. anxiety levels are building because of the publicity. >> in kabul, 500 angry muslims staged prebuttal to hurl stones at passing military vehicle. for many, the concept of book burning inevitably brings to mind the nazis and clergy assembled at an interfaith gathering in washington invoked the worst of the third reich as they appealed to the best of our own character. >> book burning in history does not have a good precedent for the rights of people whose books are burned. a lot of terrible things happened after book burning. it's alarming. >> this is not america, this is not our country. america was not built on
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hatred. it was built on love. >> the intentions were ill-advised because they helped elevate the pastor and his action to am prop fans they would not otherwise have enjoyed. bret? >> bret: james, thank you. imam feisal abdul rauf the man who has become the public face of the proposed islamic community center and mosque near ground zero returned to the united states. this follows a taxpayer funded tour of the middle east. daisy kahn says her husband plans to comment on the center later this week. school named after a famous global warming activist has environmentists up in arms. that's later in the grapevine. first, yemeni forces snapñ÷
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>> bret: iran's nuclear chief
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says it has the right to block inspectors from the nuclear program. it's in response to latest report that says iran produced more nuclear material than previously thought. meanwhile, the european union condemned the "barbaric" plans to stone a woman for adultery. the sentence is being reviewed by iran's supreme court. north korea has freed the crew of a south korean fishing boat seized a month ago. meanwhile, north korea is requesting a shipment of rice, cement and heavy equipment from the south in the effort to recover from recent floods. large explosion ripped through a police compound in northwest pakistan today. killing at least three people there and wounding 25. including women and children. power to the area was cut forcing emergency workers to search for victims in the dark. forces in yemen apprehended suspected al-qaeda linked
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terrorist whose name might ring a bell with u.s. authorities. national correspondent catherine herridge joins me now with details. >> good evening. a source with the firsthand knowledge of the arrest tells fox the saudi born national has been picked up as part of a larger round-up of operatives connected to al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. the suspect has been identified and according to the documents he was detainee 188, large group which arrived at guantanamo early where we believe his picture on the right was taken. the orange jump-suits were worn at camp x-ray. he was taken into custody in the bush administration and has been part of series of test case to see if rehabilitation in the saudi kingdom worked and he's now facing conspiracy charges, including aiding and abetting terrorism. senior official part of the review says we may now learn if yemen is committed to cracking down on al-qaeda and
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its affiliates. >> this is a great test case to weigh whether the government of yemen is actually serious in their efforts in deradicalization and counterterrorism. >> half of the detainees at guantanamo are from yemen. the question according to analysts is whether the yemeni government can be trusted to prosecute them in a meaningful way if the detainees are sent home. in the u.s. cold case, he was prosecuted and convicted in yemen but he only served two years of a life sentence. it's the hiding place for anwar al-awlaki the first american on the c.i.a. kill or capture list. >> bret: thank you. >> you're welcome. >> bret: nato says coalition troops will clear the area around afghanistan's key southern city of kandahar by december. allied forces there are said to have an overwhelming numerical advantage over the taliban. nato commanders insist allied troops will start handing off
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the military missions to afghan forces by next year. combat operations officially ended in iraq last month with an announcement of course from president obama. but as the national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports the soldiers still on the ground may not have noticed much of a change. >> two u.s. soldiers were killed in northern iraq today by a gunman wearing an iraqi military. just another example of combat in iraq is far from over. in downtown baghdad on sunday, when six suicide bombers burst in iraqi army headquarters killing 12, wounding 36. two u.s. soldiers took part in the combat helping to kill the attackers. >> tonight, i am announcing that the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country. >> the president stopped short of saying mission accomplished in the oval office last tuesday. the promise to end combat
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operations was one made on the campaign trail. reiterated in front of marines at camp lejeune, north carolina, a month after he took office. >> let me say this as plainly as i can. by august 31, 2010, our combat mission in iraq will end. >> two months before the mid-term election. >> august 31 was fairly arbitrary. the idea was it was close to mr. obama's original promise to get all the combat forces out within 16 months of becoming president. >> cameras were rolling and the news media bit as the so-called last army brigade from fort lewis, washington, rolled across the border to kuwait on august 18. ahead of schedule, we were told by pentagon officials. the seven brigades are just those troops left behind in iraq given a new monitor, renamed advise and assist, not combat brigades.
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>> even today there are those who doubt iraqi security forces are ready to take full responsibility for security. i stand before you today and say they are ready to do that task. >> when a fox news crew followed an iraqi unit on a bomb clearing mission in northern iraq recently, there were some familiar faces. little doubt that the americans were there to do more than just advise and assist. >> we have been training for a combat brigade the entire year. >> do you have it under control? you don't need our help anymore. >> but iraqi security forces do need help evidenced by the incident in baghdad, the shoot-out in central baghdad on sunday. those have to stay and advise and assist. for them, the danger is just as real as if they were in combat, bret? >> bret: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. thank you. there were major strikes across the pond. we will tell you why later in the program. but first, fight for the ohio gorship.@
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>> bret: in headquarter's election headquarters tonight what many might consider a feather in the cap of a progressive politician, passing a massive overhaul is now left off many democratic talking points. chief washington correspondent jim angle has the story. >> while president obama touts a new healthcare law everywhere he goes, many members of the party say the op to is it in re-election ads, making sure they know they voted against it. one says she is thinking about her family as well as her constituents. >> it's why i voted against the bail-out and it wasn't right for zachary or any kid's future. >> others are running against healthcare and the president as well as democratic leaders. >> no doubt about it. >> he thought when he voted
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against healthcare -- >> he's not afraid to stand up for the president. >> and nancy pelosi. >> other just make sure voters know they stood against the healthcare law. >> standing up against congressional pay raise and voting against the bail-out because it costs so much. voted against the bail-out, stimulus spending and massive healthcare. many democrats think it will endear them to the voters and for good reason. the latest rasmussen report survey released monday found 56% of likely u.s. voters favor repeal of the law with 45% strongly favoring repeal. 38% oppose repeal with 30% strongly oppose. >> every week since it became law, every single week a majority of voters have said yes, we want it repealed. >> another democrat senator ron widen of oregon want states to go their own way and get a waiver from the federal law to have their own healthcare reform.
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he inserted the provision in the new law and it permits any state to craft its own plan if it covers as many people and provides at least the same level of care and just as affordable as the federal plan would be. that is popular across the political spectrum. >> early on in the process, we did a lot of polling about should states have the option to opt out of this. overwhelmingly the answer was yes. the state waiver provision doesn't take effect until 2017. senator widen has legislation to move it forward to 2014. he thinks some states might want to establish a single payer system. others like oregon might want a public option. states with waivers would be writing their own version of healthcare reform in place of new federal ones. bret? >> bret: thank you. 56 days to go to the mid-term election, ohio gubernatorial race appears at this point to echo much of what is going on at the national level. chief political correspondent carl cameron takes a look.
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>> in the nation perennial battleground swing state of ohio,teamic governor strickland faces textbook re-election fight against the bonus rival and the economy. >> i think this economy is hurtful to me. obviously. i would be huge unrealistic to say that i'm not a recipient. a lot of concern regarding the economy. >> faced with double digit unemployment, $8 billion state budget shortfall and the average of recent polls putting it ten points behind republican rival john caisick, strickland is applying the party national strategy. casting his republican rival as public of wall street special interest, g.o.p. is captive to the tea party fringe. >> the republican party has been overtaken by the extremists, but the radicals. by the reckless. they don't seem to like ohio very much. and quite frankly, they act
4:26 am
as if they don't like america very much. >> former congressman john casich pulled ahead by casting himself as better equip to right the ohio econo economy. >> i've never turned water into wine but when you balance the federal budget, that's about as close to turning water into wine as you can get. >> he differs with the democratic rival on moth issues but not when it comes to the national implication of the ohio gubernatorial election for each party presidential candidate. >> one thing i agree with strickland on is whoever wins the governor's office has a leg up for the white house in 2012. i think it's very important that we change the leader of our country come 2012.
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it's a level playing field. in democratically held states, fully two-third a dozen states are leaning republican or considered vulnerable toss-ups. gubernatorial races usually go at the top of the ballot on election day. the first choice that voters confront when they go in the election booth. so the g.o.p. hopes not only do they wrap up big wins for state houses but it creates coat tail and help republican candidate for congress, senate and legislature. >> campaign carl live in cambridge, ohio. thanks. some green groups are upset over an environment school named after al gore. why the presidential advisors think the 2008 campaign helps explain why folks a
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>> fresh pickings from the political grapevine. david axelrod tried to explain the enthusiasm gap between republican and democratic voters this year he gave his team a pat on the back. he told the huffington post, "in a sense we're a victim of our own success, the expectation that the president aroused and the fact we got so much done." he described the current mindset of the g.o.p. "realisticly what you have is a republican party that is thoroughly focussed on one thing and they have been
4:32 am
frankly from the beginning, which is to try to regain power." university of virginia larry sabato says of axelrod's reasoning, "each political party is supposed to thoroughly focus on gaining or regaining power. the clash of ideas and ambitions in regular competitive elections is what makes the american system work." despite the sluggish economy, political candidates are setting fundraising and spending recordsalready. house and senate candidates raided $1.2 billion. outpacing the last three big election years. former federal election commission chairman says, "we hay be on track for the most expensive cycle ever, even more than 2008 which is really hard to believe." finally, a new environmental science school named in part after al gore is set to open next week in los angeles, but not everyone is happy about it. the l.a. times reports critics say the school's location poses a health risk because it's built on
4:33 am
contaminated soil. construction crews have been replacing toxic soil with clean fill. environmental coalition written the school district saying, "renaming this terribly contaminated school after famous environmental advocates is an affront to the great work they've done to protect the public's health from harm. >> across the pond in london, workers walked off the job today. similar story in france. correspondent greg palkot looks at the prelude to season of strikes in europe, as heavy indebted government cuts cost. >> it's back to protesting and hundreds of thousands took to the streets of paris and elsewhere. strikes with public offices and transport.
4:34 am
it's a plan to reform the pension system as well as the man behind it, president nicolas sarkozy. >> the president, the company -- [ inaudible ] >> that is your opinion on sarkozy? >> yes. you just -- [inaudible ] >> sarkozy and his government which presented the reform bill to the french parliament today said it's necessary. increasing the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62 begins to get france in line with other countries. starts to tackle growing deficit. >> if we don't do it we can't pay for the french system. >> people here are so no. fan of president sarkozy and the overall approval rating is at an all-time low of 38%. some say he is making his own political move to try to drown out this noise. >> police have been rounding up gypsies living in france without proper identity papers and expelling them to
4:35 am
eastern europe. actions which have won favor with the center right base. but angered some for being too harsh, including some in his cabinet, cabinet that has also been hit with illegal fundraising charges. in addition to pushing through reform, sarkozy is now signalling a shake-up in his government. >> now he's tackling the problem on both sides. political social, and things. you realize how difficult it is to reform france and the french. >> it could be a long hot autumn if france. in paris, greg palkot, fox news. lawmakers in ukraine exchanged punches over proposed gas hike and retirement age increase. this is as there were protests outside the measures. it followed an april fight where body guards used umbrella to shield the parliament speaker from hurled eggs. the president rolls out
4:36 am
nearly $200 billion in tax breaks and infrastructure spending. he says the republicans may oppose to score political points. we'll discuss all of that with the fox all-stars next.
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we know congress won't be here for a lot of time. we certainly hope that there are measures including some of the ones that the president will outline that congress will consider. if they don't do that prior to the election, the president and the economic team still believe that for these represent very important ideas in continuing along our path toward economic recovery. >> white house press secretary laying out what the president will essentially lay out tomorrow in cleveland, about $200 billion worth of tax breaks and infrastructure spending. the white house is not calling it a stimulus package. here is what the house minority leader john boehner is calling it. "the white house is missing
4:40 am
the big picture. none of its mans address the two big problems that are hurting our economy, excessive government spending and the uncertainty that their policies, especially the massive tax hike they have planned for january 1 is creating for small businesses." what about all of this and the politics sur rounding it? bring in the panel. fred barnes, "weekly standard." mara liasson, national political correspondent can of national public radio. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. fred, what about the package of proposals and the reaction to it? >> they are too little, too late, even if they were enacted tomorrow to effect the outcome of the election on november 2. that is for sure. the public and electorate view of the economy is cooked in the cake. it has been. but there is one extremely good idea, the accelerated depreciation for business investment which might cost $100 billion or more, or up
4:41 am
to $2 billion. it would have to be enacted first, but it may be too little, too late for the campaign but it's not too little to help the economy. in 1981, they were part accelerated depreciation was part along with the reduction in the individual tax rates. of the reagan stimulus package which famously worked. this is something that accelerated depreciation, which should have been in the stimulus from the beginning. spending $50 billion more on infrastructure which i don't think will pass anyway, that's just more of what has already failed. but the problem, but the problem here is the one that john boehner mentioned. on the one hand if you get this accelerated depreciation passed, that would have an effect on economic growth. good effect. but then if you let the tax increases for the people making over $200,000 if you're single or $250,000 for
4:42 am
a couple, the tax increase that go into effect. on capital gains, it will have the opposite effect. >> erasing the tax cut for the top tier. >> so one would be good, but the other would take a lot of the impact away. >> the tax in this particular package of tax cut plus the idea of infrastructure bank, not just to have a big works project but lever the private sector investment, to top off the invest in the the infrastructure i think are thoroughly unobjectable. you can imagine a president mitt romney putting forth a package not unlike this. the problem is number one, i think it has very little chance of passing because i don't think republicans are in the move to give this president anything. >> or moderate democrats for that matter. >> well, yeah, it depends on how it's framed. even if they were passed as fred said, it's unlikely they would change the economy before november. but it does give the democrats something to talk about. their original economic message is now inoperable because the economy didn't
4:43 am
improve. that would -- plan "a" was that there would be a recovery summer and things would be better by now and they could say it's not great, but it's going in the right direction. recovery stalled and they need something else to talk about. boehner doesn't want to talk about this. >> on the first stimulus, the money wasn't spent and it was supposed to be shovel ready project. is there any on capitol hill for second stimulus, which is what it is? >> the infrastructure spending is long-term. i don't think you can find an economist that doesn't think this country needs more invest in the infrastructure. >> bret: charles? >> there must have been a shovel shortage. one oddity in the president. we saw it in the clip can you maid earlier where he stands -- clip you played earlier. he said we'll do a stimulus,
4:44 am
rail, airport, road projects and then he says we will do the targeted tax cut, improve economy, stimulate growth. improve employment. because it's political season, the republicans oppose it for pure partisan advantage. there is a raging contradiction in the middle of that. the ideas are self-evidently good, what possible advantage would anybody have, republican or otherwise opposing it? ridiculous argument but he makes it because he does not want to engage the opposition on the stubstance of his proposal. we have a deep philosophical difference. republicans like broad-based across the board cuts in taxes so you give the money to the entrepreneur who can dispense with it as he thinks the business needs. democrats love the targeted tax cut because it gives power in washington of deciding where capital ends up. for example, nothing inherently wrong with a
4:45 am
rebate if you invest in office equipment and stuff like that. the better idea is keep bush cut, allow the money to remain in pocket of entrepreneur and have him decide where the money should be spent instead of experts in washington decide how to direct it. >> bret: we want to play a sound bite from the president's speech yesterday in wisconsin. >> in the last two years that meant taking off powerful interest. who had been dominating the agenda in washington for a long time. they're not always happy with me. they talk about me like a dog. >> bret: he went on to say it's not part of his prepared remarks. he is clearly in campaign mode. >> that's good. when i read it, i hadn't seen
4:46 am
the clip of it. i thought it would be exercise in presidential self-pity. he appeared to be joking when he said that, treated like a dog. glad to have seen it that way. >> he was having a good time. the democrats have a big uphill climb. >> go ahead. >> i have a dog and i treat him like a prince. i'm tougher on obama, i assure you. [ laughter ] >> bret: okay. quickly, one other element. mayor daley in chicago announcing he is not going to seek re-election for a seventh term. came as a shock to some at the white house according to folks there, including the white house chief of staff rahm emanuel who previously said publicly that he would love that job. the mayor in chicago. is he going to leave? >> he will leave some day and he wants that job if and the
4:47 am
mayor daley decided not to run. left wing groups are already mounting call pain against rahm emanuel, circulating a petition which they claim it has 1700 signatures that says we won't vote for him for any office because they think he has been terrible. >> i heard that valerie jarret may become chief of staff. send her to chicago to run for mayor. keep rahm emanuel. >> bret: short-timer? >> he will quit and he will run. >> bret: okay. there you have it. log on to the home page at to watch white house correspondent rahm emanuel's full interview with nato secretary general today. next, very small florida church is planning a quran burning. getting a very big reaction. panel talks about that and what it means after the with capital one's venre card, weget doublemiles on every purchase. echo! so we eaed a trip to the grand canyon twice as fast. uh-oh. we get double mis every time we use r card. i'll te these. no matter what we're buying. plus the damages. and since double miles add up quick, we can bring thehole gang. it's hard to beat double miles.
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we are revealing that actually islam is much more dangerous, much more violent than people would like to believe. >> this in our view has the potential to inflame public opinion around the world. in a way that will jeopardize american lives and american interests. >> terry jones, a pastor in gainesville, florida, with 50 congregants is planning to burn quran on the anniversary of 9/11. this is what general david petraeus the top commander on the ground in afghanistan said about that, it could indanger troops and endanger the overall effort in afghanistan and it's precisely the kind of action the taliban uses and could cause significant problems not just here but everywhere in the world. the administration weighed in and it became an issue. what about this? and this small congregation in florida doing? back with the panel. charles? >> well, there is not going to be a lot of argument about
4:52 am
this. it's obviously ex revolting act. we don't hear what a glory it is to the american system that all of us will defend his right to do it, though we might question the wisdom of doing it. i do think that general petraeus, i understand why he mentioned it. there was a riot in afghanistan. his troops are exposed so he wanted to express himself. >> there is video of that. it's graphic be. warned here of some of the protests. >> unfortunately, what he does no, way to escape this. it take what is is a french kook who means nothing and leads congregation and anyone in this country can make himself a reverend, rent a church and gather around him a few dozen people. jim jones had hundreds and called himself a spiritual leader. not as if it's widespread or represents anything.
4:53 am
with petraeus being important figure in american life and the state department expressing itself it makes it a laernl issue than otherwise would be. i regret, though not sure if petraeus had a choice. he had to express himself since the troops, there were stones thrown as passing patrol and it could get worse. >> bret: just putting this in context. the latest hate crime stat for religious crimes, based on religious bias come from 2008. here it is. 65.7% of them were anti-jewish. 13.2% anti-other religion. 7.7% anti-islamic and 4.7% anti-catholic. it gives perspective with the latest -- >> true, but we're not war with countries that are predominantly jewish or catholic. there is a difference. i don't think the state department would have spoken out if they didn't think it was important to do so. the attention, too much attention but attention this was getting would be harmful
4:54 am
to the american interest overseas. what is remarkable is right after 9/11 a lot of people thought there would be tremendous anti-william sentiment in the united states. there wasn't. there wasn't for a very long time. that is to many people's credit including george w. bush who spoke out often about how islam is a religion of piece and radical terrorists are not representative of the religion. now, you are seeing this and i think the only thing good about it is i haven't seen anybody come out and support what the church is doing. >> i'm certainly not going to. the numbers, though, bret, were important because they show one thing for sure. there is no wave of islamiaophobia sweeping america. >> they were for a couple years ago. >> i don't know if they have changed since then. it's not sweeping america. but this is similar in one way to the ground zero
4:55 am
mosque. the mosque is planned be built on the fringe of ground zero. that is what sarah palin called unnecessary provocation. that's what general petraeus is worried about. this is what terry jones said. he put together ten reasons to burn quran and put together five more, up to 15 now. if americans are killed in afghanistan or somewhere else then they are responsible. this is not an act a christian pastor ought to be doing. they're assigned the job of the great commission to convert the world. this is not a good evangelical tool, believe me. >> on the numbers you showed 800 anti-semitic as anti-muslim.
4:56 am
it's fashionable to say anti-islam is now the new anti-semitism. apparently the old anti-semitism hasn't gone away. >> bret: that's it for panel. stay tuned for a different look at last week's mideast
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>> bret: finally tonight, critics of the obama administration usually have a long list of complaints. but on the international front some critics charge that president obama has been too tough on israel. he is not friendly enough with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. but if you look closely at one of the public events from last week's middle east peace talks, there could be a different story developing. >> i will have a longer discussion after that this afternoon after my bilateral meetings. thank you. >> and there was president obama and, of course, the prime minister of israel. it's just one of the several meetings the president has today pushing forward on middle east peace. he is also meeting with palestinianian president. >> bret: looks like he is having fun
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